Back-End Software Developer

Job description

Platform for working with 3D models which are the part infrastructure, e.g. BTS communication towers. The models are made of photos taken with drones in the Point Cloud technology. For create models from photos we use Bentley Context Capture software. Ready models are later available in the web application where they can be analyzed.

Expected experience

Expected experience

Automation of current models as well as creation and maintenance of API, which will be used by the web application

Direct contact with client

Appreciated knowledge

Processing photos / models,

AWS EC2 + Linux (Ubuntu)


Pyton 3

Node v12

Context Capture (isn’ t a must have)


AWS Lambda (Node v12) + AWS SAM

AWS API Gateway

AWS Cognito

PostgreSQL + Sequelize

We offer

International cutting edge projects – work with the technology leaders from CA, USA!

Very flexible working hours, home-office during selected days possible

Corporate-free environment, straightforward, simple, easy

Compensation range: 10 000-13 000 PLN / month (and it is really like that)

Long-term commitment from apptimia side