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What we do

Apptimia provides software R&D services and outsourcing

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Our mission

Software R&D services done right

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How we work

Apptimia is agile and easy to work with

About Us

Apptimia provides software R&D services and software project outsourcing, offering competent engineers to ensure smooth performance and delivery. Our mode of operation is agile by nature and by setup – which brings the flexibility you need.

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We offer software development and outsourcing services targeting mainly startups, small-to-medium size enterprises or any organization unit, where flexibility, quick decision-making and time-to-market are critical. Simply: Apptimia is easy to work with.

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Our team

Our 30+ software engineers are based in Poland, build a real team working from the same office location and have hands-on experience in cloud-based web applications, embedded systems in different industry segments like: IoT, Unmanned Aerial Systems, AR/VR and several more.

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