Just the right mixture of trust, interesting and challenging projects and straightforward communication. No buzzwords – guaranteed. Professional development, delivered daily.

Why work with us

Apptimia team has a black belt in solving engineering problems in the demanding and competitive business environment. We bring special task force of experienced engineers – to address your problems with top quality solutions.

Our team consist of members with broad experience (5 years+ on average), working with multinational customers in USA and Europe.

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Our environment is 100% corporate overhead free. We are focused on the essence we deliver to our Clients – so the feeling of fulfillment becomes part of your working day. You are always aware of what is going on in your team and our communication is straightforward.
No buzzwords – guaranteed.

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Thanks to our lean approach, we are easily able to pay premium compensation – so you can afford to pay for your benefits yourself.

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The projects you will work on come from the most creative and innovative companies of the Silicon Valley, CA, USA and Western Europe. Be part of the future others will just read about in magazines and blogs.

The real adventure is awaiting you, here in Poland!

Open positions

Unity Developer

Full-Stack Software developer

Back-End Software Developer

Front-End Software Developer

How to apply? Joining our team is super easy. Just send your CV to